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Make It Mighty Ugly : exercises & advice for getting creative even when it ain't pretty: Far too many people back off from trying anything new/creative because they won't be "perfect" the first time ... trust me and the author, all those great artists in whatever started out as beginners and cranked out a lot of 'orrible stuff to get where they are today ... the technical term for this is "practice" (and sometimes screwups ARE great art ... in my own beloved knitting there's a classic stitch known as "Mistake" and while nobody knows who invented it way back when, we all know it was a beginner and we're glad they didn't hide it)

Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments: I've already got this one on order through work ... like Lavold's first Viking knitting book (which I've owned for ages), this one promises to be as much history/archaeology as it is knitting techniques and patterns and I'm looking forward to reading it (plus I have this dream of regaining enough free time to knit myself some of her sweaters)

Lazadas blocking wire sets: For some weird reason yarn stores here aren't real big on stocking blocking wires (and the one that does so semi-regularly recommends phoning to see if they actually have any before making the trek over with intent to buy). So may take the plunge and order these (the company is in Israel) to supplement my precious pair of rigid straight wires.

How to Crochet: This might be the book I need to finally, after all these decades, make my brain RETAIN crochet (the entire focus being on "beginner" sounds promising)
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