JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Home with my loot from the company booksale!

Got the new Ruth Rendell for my mother and managed to fill a request for a friend as well. :-))))

My personal goodies include:

The Ice House, by Minette Walters. I love this author, and this title especially! (the British mini-series based on it is also excellent!)

Letters From Wingfield Farm, by Dan Needles. I saw part of the televised one-man play based on this book many years ago at a friends' house and was in pain from over-laughter the next day ... at the time the book was, sadly, out of print. Was very happy to find a reissue hiding at the bottom of one of our paperback racks tonight!

Michael Palin's Himalaya. I've enjoyed all of Mr. Palin's travel series and the books that accompany them, so this was a must-have.

Finally, Reading the Rocks : a Biography of Ancient Alberta, by Monique Keiran. A gorgeous updated edition of a classic work from the Royal Tyrrell Museum (hey, it's available in Sweden!!!!)
Tags: reading

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