JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

So many pretties, so little time ...

One of my favourite designers, VeryBusyMonkey, has been, well, busy, resulting in her just releasing the first pattern in a new collection: Alpinarium

Before I even THINK about it, I already have her Geology, Meteorology, Metallurgy, Dendrology, Solar Flare, Irish Moss, Coriolis, and Bernoulli on my to-do list. (on the credit side, I have made ... and worn multiple times ... Grand Teton)

This whole working/eating/sleeping thing is seriously interfering with my hobbies ... problem is that I need to do the first one to afford hobbies (as well as this whole living indoors thing, which is really nice in winter) and the other two are required in order to remain able to do the first one. ;p
Tags: knitting

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