JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


My niece is passing through town today so I'm meeting her for brunch/lunch during her three-hour window between bus and plane. Looking up which restaurants are open today in the most convenient neighbourhood and have run into an interesting phenomenon on their various listings/websites. Let me throw this open to you folks 'cause I know you're all reasonably intelligent lifeforms, even first thing in the morning: If you were running a business and promoting it both via community listing and your own website, wouldn't you have your operating hours up front somewhere? Like, say, right under your address? Apparently this is unfashionable at the moment ... addresses are usually easily visible while hours are scandalous or shameful and must be hunted for. "Hours" links are also unfashionable ... I'm finding some under "reservations", some under "contact us", some under "events", some under "about us". And a few for which the hours must be top-secret 'cause they aren't listed anywhere that I can find.

And it does matter ... this is a neighbourhood where some places open for breakfast/brunch/lunch, some only open late afternoon for dinner, and some aren't open on Sundays, and there's no point in us heading for somewhere that ain't gonna feed us. (have noted ten definitely-opens within a couple of blocks of the train station and I know there are more that weren't listed so the getting-food side isn't an issue; I just find it terribly strange to not mention when a place is/isn't open)

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