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That was fun! :-)

Thanks to a Friday-after-work trip to the comics shop, I've just finished reading "The Spirit: Femmes Fatales ... a compilation of stories featuring the various dangerous women Will Eisner created for The Spirit to tangle with over the years. There were a few tales that were repeats from The Best of The Spirit, but I'll forgive 'em because what this book DID have was a bunch of P'Gell encounters! The first P'Gell story (if you've never read it, here's the whole thing) has been reprinted in numerous books but this was the first time I'd seen any of the sequels and they were a joy to finally read (P'Gell is very different from most female baddies ... poor thing is just trying to earn a living ***GRIN***). There were also a couple of Satin stories I hadn't seen before, plus a bevy of other one-off characters with the usual fun Eisner names that always are perfect descriptions (Pantha Stalk, Nylon Rose, Dulcet Tone, Silken Floss)

Other loot: Richard Sala's Cat Burglar Black (Sala is always fun) and Jason Aaron's Back in Japan (a piece I was missing from my collection of the Aaron Wolverine arc that also served as background for his plan to eventually resurrect Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner ... love it when an author not only plans long-term storytelling over YEARS but has the second motive of using same as a sneaky set-up to make a case with the editors for bringing a character back). And from the magazine side: Amazing X-Men #9, Amazing X-Men Annual (which I'd managed to forget to pick up last trip), Nightcrawler #4, and an "Empowered" oneshot: Internal Medicine (I keep forgetting these exist between the regular volumes ... must try to get the others one of these days)
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