JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The return of the author

The author in this case being Nancy Baker who, around twenty years ago, wrote the very-popular-at-the-time pair of Rozokov/Alexander vampire novels plus a third standalone vampire novel ... all three notable for being as Canadian as their author. And then she pretty much vanished from the book world. Until now ... Baker has a new novel coming out this fall as a ChiZine Publications ebook! Baker's original three novels are also back in multiple ebook formats via ChiZine, which means I've been able to finally acquire a copy of A Terrible Beauty; I read it as a library book back when it was new but never had a copy of my own to reread until now. (The Night Inside and Blood and Chrysanthemums are fairly common finds in secondhand book shops up here and I've had my own copies of those for a very long time but the standalone novel has eluded me until now).

Now settling in for that long overdue reread of "A Terrible Beauty" :-)
Tags: reading

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