JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Phoned Mom this morning ...

... and finally remembered to thank her for "whatever you did in my childhood that innoculated me against cellphone addiction." Been meaning to do that one for a while. Though I doubt it's entirely parental influence since out of the four of us two are dependent on the electronic pacifier and two aren't. I actually had a pacifier-substitute theory about this very briefly, but none of us had one of those as an infant; Mom: "You all sucked your thumbs because your father and I wouldn't have to get up a hundred times a night to pick THOSE up off the floor and give them back to you."

Important part of all this being that I made her laugh ... always a fun thing to do for anybody. She still wants a "Thank you for being a mean mother" card though (she considers the lack of these a serious oversight in the greeting card industry). ;-p

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