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Kate Davies finds Treasure! I've never seen a sewing cabinet like this one before ... more used to seeing sewing boxes on legs that open up like this one.

Hmmmm ... realizing as I cruised sewing box and basket images looking for the one above that I've not seeing anything that is quite like my own legged sewing basket (which I acquired at a antiques market many many years ago). The style of the legs places it in the fifties and the lidded wicker basket itself is a rather deep specimen with no sign of having originally had any internal trays or dividers. If it weren't for the wooden yoke with dowels for holding spools of thread which rests on a ledge inside, just below the lid I wouldn't have had any idea what it was for. Suppose I should bestir m'self to photograph it.

Edited to add:
Photos duly taken and accompanied by a serious case of when-the-hell-did-I-last-clean-this-thing-out? Definitely long enough ago that I'd forgotten that the threadholding yoke also held a smaller basket for odds and ends (this is my storage for stuff I rarely use, not my everyday sewing supplies). Basket tidying definitely on the list for this weekend (those fabric paints can go for a start ... bought and last used those when my neice was a baby and she's in university now ...)



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