JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Another blast from the past


I've just this moment discovered that all three volumes of "Duncan & Mallory" are available online! I own paper copies of the original books so this isn't a case for me of something I haven't seen in ages. But for those of you who missed the series' blip of existence you are in for a rare treat if you care to read ... just be prepared to laugh a LOT! I plan to leaf through the online editions simply for artist Mel. White's page-by-page commentary ... for every one of the inside jokes that I spotted in those panels, I'm sure there are at least five I missed (these books were crammed full o' verbal and visual geek trivia plus the series con artists Bilgewater and Sadie were played by writer Bob Asprin and White herself)

The three volumes available online are, in order:
Duncan & Mallory
The Bar-None Ranch
The Raiders

P.S. Edited to update 'cause I managed to find "The Raiders" on the site ... for some strange reason it wasn't included in the index like the first two volumes but 'tis indeed there (though not yet complete ... still in the process of being posted, with a new page going up every Monday).
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