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Recreational reading o' the day ...

Finally got hold of and have just finished reading Paul Cornell's Killable, sequel to his Hunting Season. Well worth the wait ... Cornell's approach to Logan losing his healing factor and having to deal with mortality as a consequence is good reading. Any past X-Men tales I've read that used this as a plot device have tended to focus on the dangers of major injury and whatever zapped him never lasted or was eventually fixed. This time 'round the damage appears to be permanent (pissing off superintelligent microscopic lifeforms that can rewrite every one of your chromosomes is a very bad move) and Cornell touches on how the most mundane everyday activities can be terrifying to someone who's unaccustomed to being vulnerable (Logan's wry confession to Nick Fury about being terrified to shave because he's never learned how to do it properly ... he's used to just hacking at his face and healing ... is worth the price of the book in itself). And realizing that for all the times he's insisted other X-Men learn how to fight without depending on their powers, he's no longer very good at brawling sans claws or fighting defensively himself anymore. And those aren't the only areas the man is rusty in ... a ton of history is about to hit hard and while the physical violence done to Logan in this tale is ugly, the mental and emotional violence is far nastier and can't be stitched up or bandaged.
Was also nice to have Logan and Kitty working together as a team again for most of the book, especially as Kitty's one of the rare characters who'll fearlessly get in Logan's face and tear a strip or two off him (if he deserves it) as if he has neither temper nor claws. :-)

P.S. This is also where Logan got the lovely facial scar he's sporting on these pages ... stopping a sword with your face is also a very bad move, kids!
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