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Not your standard science fiction - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Not your standard science fiction
For some reason I've just been thinking that I haven't watched "Invasion: Earth", a rather unusual British miniseries for a while ... gonna have to remedy that sometime soon. It's a bit of an oddity and I won't claim that it's the greatest thing ever filmed, but I liked it when it first aired, enough to get hold of a DVD copy when it was eventually released. It's a rather unusual scenario of human/extraterrestrial contact and the ending is a bit of a shocker ... "E.T." this most definitely ain't. Also notable for what I consider an excellent portrayal of women in the military ... they're no big deal and there's no gender-mention, they're just there as part of the normal. Always the best way to do it. :-)

First episode, for those who want to sample:


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