JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Back to the to-read pile ...

Finished Hellburner last night, with my brain feeling a tad like I'd been going through the high-v training with the characters. So very VERY intense and GOOD! For all my how-did-I-miss-reading-this-years-ago?, I'm glad I got to have the joy of reading it for the first time now ... even though I know it came out twenty-one years ago it still felt like the exhiliration of getting a brand-new sequel to an old favourite. dustdaughter, if you've not read these then you've a new female character to add to your list: Sal Aboujib. Someone you want on your side in a spaceship or a bar fight. ;-)

From my cataloguing software's' Pick of the Day feature:
Reading: Asterix and Caesar's Gift by Goscinny and Uderzo.
Listening: Bloodwood, by Alan Dargin and Michael Atherton.
Viewing: Barney Miller (season three, episode six: "Werewolf")
Tags: listening, reading, viewing

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