JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Nipped up to Kensington today ...

... to pick up this month's "Nightcrawler" fix. This is promising to be such a refreshing change from the usual Marvel return-from-the-dead-and-carry-on-as-if-nothing-happened-or-changed ... Claremont's actually speculating on what effect such a stunt would have on an individual, portraying Kurt as being confused and distressed by the situation behind the cheery front he's putting on for everyone (and possibly depressed as well, as there's a tinge of the suicidal in his thoughts in this ish). Not that it's all gloom'n'doom ... he's also happy to have this second chance (which is part of the confusion). So wonderful to have Claremont and his ability to write characters as well as stories back in print! And word is, from the man himself, that the sales numbers are good so looks as if he's going to get to develop this properly. :-)
Tags: bamf!, reading

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