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Dear knitwear designers ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Dear knitwear designers ...
(I'm talking to the fashion industry, not the handknit designers, who mostly know better**)

Yes, there are some visually interesting, sometimes even spectacular effects that can occur with deliberately dropped stitches. I imagine Clapotis is a pattern name people in the deepest, no-contact-with-the-outside-world valleys of Papua New Guinea probably recognize. Kieran Foley has come up with some incredible designs based on using them. The Seafoam stitch is an old classic. Unfortunately what you seem to be trying to imitate is Matrix without grasping that snipping stitches in a length of machine-knitted fabric to create "runs" kinda misses the whole spirit of the design ... what you've ended up with is pretty much either a "ran into some barbed wire and didn't have time to repair it" or else "the moths got at it" look. ***le sigh***

**I say mostly because sometimes things like this happen. It's not the deliberate holes that make it "wrong" (to me, anyway), it's the fact that they've been worked as giant buttonholes rather than as dropped stitches (a true multi-row dropped stitch is exactly the same principle as that run in your pantyhose ... a ladder effect with a hole at one end)
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