JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Very nice!


Interesting design, with that "ruffle" at centre back. And hey, can't beat the price (free pattern). Nor the fact that it calls for the same weight of yarn that I finally broke down and ordered from Tanis yesterday (three skeins of Yellow Label in "Tartan" ... c'mon, you knew that the mere fact I was mentioning it here meant I was already doomed)

I've gotten very fond of these shawls I've been making over the past couple of winters ... even the thinnest and laciest are surprisingly warm when they're made from pure wool and, worn wrapped bandanna-style around the neck so that the main part of the patterning shows, they add a little dressiness to bundling up for winter.

Shall have to cointoss when the time comes: Dark Champagne will need all three skeins; Croeso and Tanis' own Eventide (which she designed specifically to show off her variegated colourways) both only require two skeins. Which would give me enough left over for a pair of Travelling Kyma (not that anyone would be able to see that my accessories were coordinated if it were cold enough to wear socks that heavy ***GRIN***)
Tags: knitting

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