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Mmmmm ... chocolate! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Mmmmm ... chocolate!
Alan Davis' ClanDestine Classic won the what-to-read-next toss this morning ... bought it back in February but had been saving for a day when my brain was fully online; after all this is Alan Davis both writing and drawing, which means one has to pay attention to every little seemingly insignificant detail 'cause you never know what'll turn out to be important later on. Plus being able to fully appreciate the strange and hilarious ...


Next up will, of course, be the sequel volume Blood Relative, purchased on the same day as the book I'm reading. And then I'll have to re-read Davis' Marvel Tales, which I enjoyed first time 'round but suspect I'll get a lot more out of once I've finished reading the "official" preceding stories. :-)


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