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Yum! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Tanis Fiber Arts has added four gorgeous new colourways to their range: Aurora, Tartan, Papaya, and Stone (click on the thumbnails to see how they look on different weights and fibres)

P.S. I just took a look at Aurora on Red Label, which is merino/cashmere/silk ... that was a VERY dangerous thing for me to do. ***mustuseupsomeoftheyarnIalreadyhavefirstmustuseupsomeoftheyarnIalreadyhavefirstmustuseupsomeoftheyarnIalreadyhavefirstmustuseupsomeoftheyarnIalreadyhavefirstmustuseupsomeoftheyarnIalreadyhavefirstmustuseupsomeoftheyarnIalreadyhavefirst***
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