JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

This is an ex-home-library-software! :-(

Special alert for semmie17, kat1392, and shemhazai because I know you own (or have owned) this software ... don't know if any of you have been maintaining your libraries, but just in case ...

FNProgramvare, maker of the software I have been using to keep track of my personal book, video, and audio libraries for just over a decade, has ceased to be, due to the one amazing programmer who kept 'em all going having health issues. So anybody out there who's been using BookCAT, CATVids, or CATraxx, make sure everything is backed up. With multiple redundancies. Especially your activation key ... Fredrik is keeping the software trial downloads available for now, so if something 'orrible happens you can redownload and reactivate with your existing key, but no knowing how long he'll keep that going. Fredrik is also keeping the user forums running (though it's unlikely he'll be answering questions anymore) so people in there are pooling tips and tricks for preservation and alternate softwares.

One home library software company that has created a database import from FNProgramvare to their own product is Collectorz.com; I haven't investigated their product yet but have heard good things and suspect this is the route I will eventually take re my own databases. Will post my opinion when I get around to trialing the software.

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