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As the countdown shrinks ...

The Guild are pretty good with non-children too ... very hard to resist when they decide to gang up on someone ***GRIN***.
Jago tossed the note into the fire and made another Guild sign, a fast wipe of the thumb across the fingertips. Wipeout. It meant, situationally, half a dozen things, from annihilation to none at all. And she said, pleasantly, "Go to bed, Bren-ji. Stay there. Your aishid insists."
Get the brain to working. Hell with the painkillers, which he hadn't taken. He wanted to work.
But Jago opened the bedroom door and Banichi waved a hand toward it. Tano nudged his elbow, and the lot of them took him to the bedroom and took his coat and the vest, made him sit down and took off his boots, and there was nothing for it. With the support of the vest gone, he did feel exhaustion piling up.
Boots went into the closet. He gave up the rest of the clothes, and they tucked him into bed like a five-year-old and turned out the lights.
"It's not dark out, nadiin-ji," he said.
"So,"Banichi said. "But it will be."
It was conspiracy. They left, except Jago, who leaned very close to his ear, set her hand on his bare shoulder, and whispered, "Man'chi stands, Bren-ji."
He was quite moved, but he had no time to enjoy that sensation because she tipped him backward into the covers and threw the blanket over him.
And walked out and shut the door behind her.

Even though Algini, though present in the room, didn't physically take part in this particular little "conspiracy", I always suspect him of letting that excellent poker face of his slip and doing the atevi equivalent of laughing himself silly the second the others got Bren out of earshot. ;p
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