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Ten more days!!!

Reason #8,863,315 for loving atevi (especially the ones who are members of the Assassins' Guild ... they're so good with children).

"Poisoning rarely happens in a well-managed kitchen," Jago said cheerfully, "and this kitchen, whatever the failings of the electronics in the house, does not allow people to wander through at liberty. The cook manages the pantry under lock and key, and only allows observation, not touching. If one wishes food, one obtains it from the table outside."
"Could you not break in, Banichi-ji?" Cajeiri asked, appealing to the greatest authority in his young experience.
"Probably," Banichi said in some amusement, which gave Bren a certain niggling doubt about the bite currently in his mouth, but, hell, he said to himself, in a household which had just purged itself of all the Kadagidi spies it knew about, likely if there was one topflight man in all Tatiseigi's household it was the cook, seeing that Tatiseigi was still alive despite his long-standing feuds and the onetime presence of Murini under this roof. The cook of a stately home was up on food safety--in all its senses.
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