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Pick up knitting after several weeks' lull spent devouring books.
Add four rows to Mab and then hold it up to admire from arms' length.
Notice that the edges for the last couple of centimetres don't look the same as the rest of their length.
Take a closer look and realize that about a dozen rows back self started purling across ALL the stitches on the wrongside rows instead of knitting the first two and last two. DAMN!**
Pull out needle and rip back twelve rows to where edges were last knitted correctly.
Rethread needle through stitches and start on the path of reknitting what was ripped out, making sure to do edge stitches correctly this time.

**Sometimes an error can be passed off as a so-called "design feature". This was not one of those times ... not only does the difference in the edge show like glaring neon, the stitch structure of this incorrectly done section of edging means it's gonna curl under like a tube instead of lying flat like the rest. And edge stitches are an absolute bitch to drop down and fix properly, especially when, like in this case, there are increases built in as well. So ripping back was the only recourse. We'll just call it extra practice in doing this pattern. ;p
Tags: knitting

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