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31 days!!!

A mere one month! Yeah, I know I get far too excited over something that has an annual volume when other series have a much longer lag but the last book ended in the thick of a volatile situation and this upcoming volume should start mere minutes after that last one ended. Plus it's the twentieth anniversary of the series ... the original "Foreigner" was published in 1994. Though only ten years have passed within the story.

Last over-enthusiastic post was about Bren's perception of Jago, half of one of his two teams of Assassins' Guild bodyguards. This time the other team, Tano and the ever-mysterious Algini (whose portrait is my userpic for these posts). From "Inheritor":
And that wasn't fair to the staff he did have, who were skilled, and very devoted, and who offered him all the support and protection and devotion that atevi of their Guild could possibly offer, including a roster of Tano's relatives, one of whom headed the paidhi's clerical staff and some of whom, technical writers in offices across the mainland, sent him messages through Tano, whose clan seemed prolific, all very good and very solid people.
And Algini. God, Algini, who seemed to come solo except for his long attachment to his partner. Algini had been much longer unbending and had been far more standoffish than Tano had ever been, but Algini was a quiet, good man, who could throw a knife with truly uncanny accuracy, who had gotten (Tano hinted) two very bad assignments from which he had suffered great personal distress; and who had, Tano had said, been so quiet within the Guild they'd lost track of him for two years and dropped him from the rolls as dead until Tano had pointed out he'd been voting consistently and that he could vouch for his identity -- they'd been partners for two years on the same assignments -- and it was the aiji's request for them as personal security that had pulled up the information that Algini was listed as dead. Algini thought it a joke quite as funny as Tano did, but the paidhi understood it was a joke that had never gotten beyond the very clandestine walls of their Guild, and it was an embarrassment to the Guild never, ever meant for public knowledge.
It was indicative, however, of how very good Algini was at melding with the walls of a place. After nearly a year with the man, he'd finally gotten Algini to unzip his jacket, prop his feet up in complete informality, and smile, shyly so, but an approach to a grin, over one of Tano's pieces of irreverence.

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