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Getting closer!

33 days until "Peacemaker"!

He looked at her -- the wind fluttering the ends of her braid, her dark face now completely calm and satisfied as she gazed out at the onrushing sea, and his heart warmed. Jago could by no means imagine what he felt; no more than he could quite grasp what she felt, that attachment that settled her whole universe into order around him and her duty more surely than love had a right to order his. He wished he could feel what she felt, for just ten minutes. His universe was so often chaotic, his certainties far fewer, his loyalties pulled in so many conflicting directions, always had been, until he felt habitually stretched to the breaking point.
But he'd known, when he became -- romantically, on his side at least -- involved with Jago, whose sole statement, relayed through Banichi, was that she was attracted to his hair -- he'd known that he'd gotten into territory with her he never would entirely understand. It involved a constant element of experimentation on her side, along with a kind of commitment fiercer and more lasting, he suspected, than a human could find outside parental love ... sex having apparently nothing to do with it. He brought his badly-battered sense of human romantic involvement; she brought her own healthy and solid atevi attachment to her appointed leader; and they patched together an arrangement that he at least hoped satisfied both of them in all the healthy ways. He had never wanted to hold her to him if their arrangement ever became a burden to her, emotionally or otherwise ... including if she wanted children, an impossibility between them -- though one supposed two years with Cajieri might have altered that, if the notion had ever taken root. He never wanted to hold her longer than entertained them both, but he knew, looking at her now, that she'd made herself ever so comfortable a spot in his heart -- a comfort he never wanted to give up, not for any human connection that might explode into his chemical awareness.
He thought her notion toward him might be the same, that atevi fondness for well-worn places, comfortable associations, ancestral items, everything in place, hers, with every sense of permanency.

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