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More recreational reading ...

Still working on catching up with both paper and electronic to-read piles, with new temptations adding themselves (and sometimes queue-jumping) all the time. This weekend I've been hitting the e-side of the backlog.

Alex Grecian's short story The Blue Girl turned out to be a post-written prequel to "The Yard". And a tasty little appetizer it was, with some evil misleading by using the surname of a RL period murderer ... I was expecting things to go in quite a different direction because of that (people who know their crime history from that time can be more red-herringed in this series than those who don't ... kind of a nice twist 'cause usually knowledge is a spoiler instead of a mystifier when it comes to historical fiction)

Yesterday I finished Fritz Leiber's The Wanderer. This one's a re-read from ancient times that I've been meaning to get to for far longer than I care to think about ... one of those I-read-it-in-my-teens-and-was-smart-enough-to-know-that-I-wasn't-GETTING-IT-books. Allegedly grown-up self DID get it and loved it and knowing what I was like back then, no WONDER half of it sailed over my head at the time. Perspective and perception (and a better knowledge of the social history and attitudes of the times) required a dose of life experience that just wasn't present first time 'round (the plot wasn't the problem; my youthful self's inability to comprehend the characters and their motivations was). Got a few more read-'em-too-young classics like this on my list ...

Jumped from Leiber to Charles Stross' The Family Trade and devouring it fast ... shall be acquiring the rest of this series ASAP! (glad today is a holiday so I could permit myself to start the Stross last night ... he's on the not-on-weeknights list)

Also made the happy discovery that fanfics from the Archive of Our Own site can be downloaded in multiple formats and stashed in one's ereader (well, I can only vouch for the Kobo for sure, since that's what I have, but presumably in other types as well). So have a few old faves from that site now tucked away in my handy little device on the premise that if I'm gonna read the stuff anyway it's better that I'm over on the couch in the daylight than in the computer's dark corner, no?
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