JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just in case anybody was wondering ...

... and because I know you're on the desperate verge of running out of things to read at any moment ***snerk!*** ...

The Joe Golem short story, like the novel it spins off from, was excellent. (I'd have been astonished if it wasn't ... Mignola and Golden always write excellent tales together)

And then I moved on to Mike Resnick's Sideshow ... no longer in print in hard copy, but part of Kobo's e-inventory. Very promising so far ... I ended up buying (and enjoying) all four volumes of his Tales of the Velvet Comet series (which the man himself recommended in a comment in my LJ a few years ago), so I'll likely end up with the rest of the Galactic Midways books as well. Really liking the Kobo for making it possible to get hold of out-of-print titles in e-form and for helping keep my physical shelf space free for the absolutely-must-have-in-physical-form stuff. :-)
Tags: reading

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