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I could seriously get into this having-time-to-read thing ;-)

A double finish today. This morning I read the final few chapters of Leslie Thomas' second Dangerous Davies novel, Dangerous in love. How these mysteries slipped by me for so long I'll never know, but I'm glad to be reading them now. Very different from the TV series "The Last Detective" that is based on them (but which is also excellent). The books are slow and placid and slightly surreal in spots, but a joy to indulge in; the print Davies is, like his screen counterpart, a gentle soul who is somewhat bewildered by and slightly out of step with the world around him and it's hard not to keep hoping something nice will happen to him. This is part of a 3-in-1 I bought via Kobo, so I've still one more novel in the set to go ("Dangerous by moonlight") and then I'm positive I'll want to lay hands on the fourth book ("Dangerous and the lonely hearts")

After that a chunk of today got devoted to Dos Equis, the final volume of Anthony Bidulka's Russell Quant mystery series which I've just now completed. Sad to see it end, but oh what an ending! :-) Definitely a good set-up for a new series should Bidulka decide to come back to this character some day.

And last night, after racing through the new AXM, I then devoured volume 19 of Bill Willingham's "Fables" which I'd also purchased at the comics shop. MAJOR sniffles there. I knew from a couple of remarks in "Fairest in the land" that something had happened to Bigby, but this ... well, we can only hope the witches are really good at jigsaws ...

Now, what to pull off the to-read pile next? Decisions, decisions ...

edited to add: Hrrrmmm ... that new Joe Golem short story. Something to "snack" on until I can decide on a main course. ;p
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