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Just finished The Kindred of Darkness. Wow! Not just the action of the plot itself, but all the little things. Like how, in the midst of a very tense scene, Hambly had me laughing out loud at Grippen and Ysidro sniping at each other like a couple of seven-year-olds with Lydia Asher refereeing the pair of them (honestly, it must have taken her a massive effort to not grab each of 'em by his shirtfront and crack their heads together) ... without abating the tension in the slightest. Now THAT's writing! And the conversation between Asher and Ysidro at the end, with Ysidro revealing more about himself in a couple of sentences than he has in a whole five books ... sniffle.

Powerful, powerful character stuff ... this is not your standard vampire fare.

P.S. The teensiest of snippets because immaturity of this level in two characters who've been vampires since 1555 (and were allegedly adults then) amuses me no end (as does the fact that they waited until they were out of her reach before they started up again):
It was always difficult to see vampires move. One moment, it seemed to Lydia that she was standing, barefoot on the cold stone floor, with the Master of London on one side of her and Don Simon on the other. Then she was alone in the lantern-lit kitchen, hearing from the darkness outside the whisper of voices:
"The least you can do is dispose of the motor car for me ..."
"You stole it; you drown it."
"Heretic ..."
"Papist cur ..."
And they were gone.

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