JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

At the movies

Went to see Ladder 49 yesterday ... definitely recommended! (review here) Pack your hanky 'cause the ending is, thankfully, NOT a Hollywood copout! (BTW, I gather it's getting a lot of inaccurate association with 9/11 ... the script was completed BEFORE that event). Most entertaining bit outside of the film itself ... reading IMDB comments by non-firefighters claiming firefighters are panning it or hate it, alongside all the comments by actual firefighters raving about what an accurate portrayal of the life and the "brotherhood" it is ***grin***

I was woken by sirens this morning (police, not fire), and gave 'em an extra mental toast in addition to my usual "come home safe" thought that comes automatically when I hear the cars or the engines wailing by.

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