JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

And Christmassy fibre

(my mother isn't picking up her phone ... according to news sources her area is repowerized after the ice storm so she's likely off to the nursing home to visit my grandmother ... so instead of drinking coffee and nattering to her as planned, I'm drinking coffee and nattering to you, you poor things)

Indigodragonfly does a seasonal event called Giftapalooza, for which they dye special yarns with extra-special names. I haven't participated because I've already got a ton of wardrobe sitting here requiring assembly, but one day ... In the meantime, they've just posted all the colours and colourway names for this year, so I'm linking you to the festive giggles (lots of reindeer this year!): The Great Giftapalooza Reveal of 2013
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