JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

You know you've really made it in the knitting world ...

... when people are plotting how to cross an international border and raid your yarn stash. Seems "Reavers" (nickname for
"Sweet, Snuggly, Morally-Bankrupt Reaver Chipmunks of Woe") is suddenly a covetable colourway (and then one of 'em discovered I also own a skein of "Imminent Violence" ...)

And you thought the craft was all about making warm woolies, didn't you? ;p

Cool! I can now let people who don't belong to Rav see my yarnz as well as my projects ... means I don't have to muck about with loading photos a second time into LJ! Have to authorize each yarn individually though, rather than just allowing access to the whole stash.
Tags: knitting, silliness

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