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Shellshocked (but in a good way)

This past year and a half have been a period of upheaval, change and chaos in my life ... some very good ***smiles at you-know-who*** and some not-so-good ***frowns at college administrators***. Tonight, after official quitting time, I was given news that REALLY blew me away.

Background: When I was interviewed for ULS, Donna (who has been at ULS for five years) was two weeks into being team leader for the cataloguing department and still being trained by Susan, who had held the position for over three years. Team leader is the liaison-person ... the one who represents the department at meetings, is the contact for problems and customer service, collects hours, etc. for payroll, etc., etc. One month after my interview, I started the job ... Donna was not coping well with being team leader and was looking for somebody on the cataloguing staff who would be willing to take the job on. No takers, so she told the general manager that she wanted to step down and the G.M. said fine ... she'd review the staff and approach somebody about taking over or about at least sharing the position. I've been ignoring all this 'cause I'm new, I'm still on probation (until the end of this month), and I still haven't a clue about how 8/10 of the operation works.

Tonight Donna and I were the last ones to leave and she asked me if the G.M. had talked to me yet about being team leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUH?????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently she told Donna two weeks ago that that was what she was going to do!!! HUH?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bottom line is that none of the people who've been there for a while (there are eight other fulltime cataloguers with seniority) want to do it ... most of them have no experience in public service (I do, having worked both circulation and reference desks in my career), so based on that and my mentoring experience ...

How often does one get promoted BEFORE one has even finished probation in a new job????

I'm supposed to be out food shopping, but thought that other drivers might be safer if I came home for a while and got my brain wrapped around this little goodie first. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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