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The joys of northern winter darkness ... have to wait until weekends to see (and share) certain things by daylight. These lovelies arrived in my mailbox last Monday, and like all Indigodragonfly yarns, no photo can ever do the colours justice ... they shimmer and shift and iridesce. This is a special colourway created and reserved solely for folks who've contributed to the company's studio-building fund (for some reason these people want to use their kitchen for cooking/eating and their living room for, well, living, rather than having both areas continually full of dyepots and fibres; the fundraiser, BTW, brought in more than double the amount needed to stake a building loan ... people REALLY love this yarn). The colourway is mainly the official Indigodragonfly colours (note that it matches the tag) with splashes of "Sargasm", a new-this-year-and-very-popular colour. Several different fibre bases were dyed at once and nobody knew which they getting ... I ended up with three skeins of Merino Silk (half merino/half silk), which is a favourite of mine. And the colourway name is, as usual, hilariously appropriate: "No, It's Not A Meth Lab. Really. (Studiopalooza Special Edition)"

Now all I have to do is figure out what it wants to become ... :-)

Tags: knitting

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