JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Oh goody

Just checked Environment Canada website to see if there'd been any changes to the forecast overnight. Yesterday the whole weekend was supposed to be clear and warmish ... more like autumn than winter ... with some snow possible on Monday, this morning today has a winter storm watch banner (at least, for a change, this weekend it's yellow rather than the usual this-is-weather-that-could-kill-you-if-you're-stupid red) and the temp has dropped. Ah well, at least hot chocolate and edibles all got restocked in various afterwork detours over the last couple of days, so there's no "have-to" errands looming at me. Might be tempted to nip across the street for more Mokate though ... not much of that left (just have to decide if it's the rum, brandy, or chocolate version that I "need")

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