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Just finished ...

... reading Aloha, Candy Hearts**, the sixth Russell Quant novel. Most unexpected to have a detective story end by making the reader sniffle ('twas a happy sniffle). But now, dammit, I'm all hyped up to continue the story and I don't own the next volume (yet) ... gonna have to wait until I get my hands on it to see what happens next. ***grumblegrumblegrumble***

**Love titles that sound like absolute nonsense until you read the book, then make perfect sense. Plus this volume contains the BEST wedding scene ever! (no matter what you imagine I mean by that, you're WAY off ***EVIL GRIN***)

Edited to add: This bit from the middle of the story is still stuck in my brain a few hours after finishing the book ... to me that's one of the marks of a good book. Not as deep as Pérez-Reverte's "he who kills from afar" piece, but it has its own profundity and relevance (especially in this country which has recently ... well, relatively recently ... gone through the transition from novelty to "normal"):
"Does it seem weird to you," Errall remarked, "that Anthony and Jared are getting married tomorrow?"
I gave her a look. What was she getting at? "No, I don't think so. Why do you say that? Don't you think they should?"
"Of course I do. It's just that there's been such a rash of gay weddings. It's like a runaway train. I feel like it's taken over my social calendar for the last couple of years. Every weekend I'm going to a "gay wedding." And why do people call them that? They're just weddings, people, not gay weddings!
"I don't know," she continued with a sigh, "it just seems kind of weird. Imagine if all this time eating cornflakes was outlawed. Suddenly the law changes and everybody can eat cornflakes wherever they want, whenever they want. So they do, whether they really want to or not. I just wonder if half the people eating cornflakes are doing it before they've even had a chance to figure out if they like the damn things."
I gave Errall a sideways look. "Would you and Kelly have gotten married?"
"Hell yeah," she said without hesitation, then quickly laughed at herself. "It just seems so odd going to all these weddings at once, all our friends getting married at the same time. These are weddings that should have happened fifteen years ago. But here we are, heading into our forties, attending our first round of nuptials and getting hitched ourselves. How will we ever find the time to have kids, fool around, get divorced, and discover the joy of second marriages?"
I chuckled. For a moment we stood in comfortable silence, watching the people around us.
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