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Made the pilgrimage up to the comics shop after work tonight and got the new Kurt-is-back X-mag! After wandering 'round the store, which is a labyrinth, several times hunting for it ... they've been rearranging again and new arrivals are now, for some strange reason, all together in a darkish spot on the back wall instead of in their relevant publisher/series sections the way they used to be. The wandering paid off though (it often does in this place) ... after picking up some out-of-print Excalibur books which were also on my list (I own a complete run of the original Excalibur issues but the advertising-free trades are a much handier and smoother re-read), I discovered a new spinner of stuff that looked like it'd been dug out of a back storage room ... the price/inventory stickers looked ancient ... and scored a hard copy of "Harsh Realm"! (it's somewhat beat-up looking around the edges, but I don't care ... the e-version is technically difficult to read and I only bought it in that format 'cause the paper edition has been out of print for ages)

So a piece of this evening shall be spent savouring the return of Kurt Wagner in swashbuckle overdrive. Followed by some good ol' Excalibur as dessert (ah the magic and somewhat surreal days of the TechNet, interdimensional jaunting, Doctor Who injokes galore, and Olympic-level snarking)

Edited to add, re "Amazing X-Men issue one: That was so GOOD!!! Too damn short (the existence of bound compilations and their compression of several issues into one book/complete tale has spoiled me rotten), but SO GOOD!!!
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