JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress ...

No photos as it's been a gloomy, snowy day. My focus has been on the Bamf ... am currently working on the final toe of the left foot and still have the right leg/foot and the red "V" portion of the uniform to go. Simply didn't get in as much knitting time as I'd hoped over the weekend ... the mind and hands have to be in good coordination for such small fiddly work and that just wasn't happening. Fortunately, the bright side about setting one's own arbitrary deadlines is that one gets to ... well ... arbitrarily set one's own deadlines. While I was originally aiming for the November 6 release of the first issue of the new book, I've decided that November 11 is more realistic and I can also claim that it's more appropriate since that's the shared birthday of both Kurt Wagner and his creator, Dave Cockrum.

Hopefully I'll get a few more rows snuck onto The Null Hypothesis as well (also small, though much MUCH simpler since it's not 3D)

Edited to add: And I've just ripped out both toes and the heel of the left foot because I wasn't happy with how the heel looked (and I couldn't get at that without undoing the toes) ... paying a little more attention as I started to redo it, I realized that while I had been conscientiously picking up the wraps while working the heel shaping (a trick used in knitting to eliminate holes while making "darts" ... they're part of that diagonal line you see on either side of the heels of your factory-made socks), I still had holes because they were double wraps and I'd only been picking up one of the two each time. Second time 'round looks MUCH better ... double wraps picked up correctly and holes no longer present. :-)
Tags: knitting

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