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Just 'cause ...

... the newest volume arrived today and I haven't done an even day series post for a few days (due to doing other stuff, not lack of series) and how can one not adore something that can contain lines like "So ... you ... you carry around wind up explosive ducks, huh?" and they totally make sense ...

Of course I'm talking about Roman Dirge's "Lenore" books (if you immediately thought of some other series where wind up explosive ducks would be a fairly normal thing, I really want to know about it and how come you've never mentioned it before?) which star (surprise!) Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl.

Like most graphics, it's near-impossible to properly quote a scene ... they just don't work without the pictures. So here are a few sample odds and ends

There are also Lenore cartoons ... they're no longer up on Dirge's official site, but quite a few are living over on YouTube. One of my faves ... Ragamuffin's origin story:

The bound compilations of Lenore (so far), in order, are:
And the I'm-in-the-middle-of-reading-it-now "Purple Nurples"
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