JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress

Despite the evil machinations of life, the universe, and everything, I've still been sneaking in knitting time here and there.

The Bamf has a completed left arm/hand and a right arm/hand that only lacks two fingers. The left was done following the pattern directions and then I looked at that, thought about how much I hate seaming fiddly little things, contemplated the fact that the doubleknitting technique I'm using for The Null Hypothesis will, when done in only one colour, create a hollow tube, and decided to try that for the right. The right thumb was made using doubleknitting last night; not only was it faster/easier and will require no seaming, but I also ended it a little differently and it has the proper stubby look of an "official" Bamf doll's digits ... the knitted-flat-according-to-pattern left thumb and fingers look too pointy at the tips to me. So I'm going to doubleknit the two right fingers, and the toes when I do the legs/feet, and I'll also rip back the left hand and reknit it that way.

And The Null Hypothesis itself is now just past 10% completed (7 charts at 84 lines per chart and I'm ready to start line 63 of chart 1)
Tags: knitting

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