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Another breakfast "Foreigner"

I often wonder what Banichi would blame for all aberrant and illegal behaviour if television hadn't happened. ;p From "Invader":
Banichi stopped at the door to take out his key, and said, under his breath. "More than one man is dead, Bren-ji. Amateurs. I swear to you, it's amateurs will bring us down. I'm sure it's television. It plants foolish ideas in foolish heads that otherwise couldn't remotely conceive such plans."
"You mean the representative from--"
"One means that the Guild has refused arguments, bribes and coercion to undertake contracts against the paidhi." Banichi opened the door into a foyer miraculously void of boxes. "Jago's aim was accurate. His damaged a historical artifact. That--is the difference, among others. Kindly stay out of crowds, nadi."
The Assassins' Guild operated by strict rules. They accosted you in hallways, they turned up in your bedroom, they met you on the steps outside, but they didn't endanger bystanders, they didn't take out accidental targets, and most of all they required the person who hired them to meet certain criteria of responsibility and to file Intent with the authorities. Who notified you. Formally. In some ways--in their Guild deliberations on what contracts to accept and what to reject--they were atevi lawyers.
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