JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Damsel meme from tommdroid

tommdroid got a sword ... I'm sure SHE'll rescue me if I need it! ;-)

You're the Millers Daughter! You're a bit of a
dreamer but you're practical. You like
practical things and practical people. You like
simple beauty and enjoy the outdoors. You long
for that handsome price to come and sweep you
off your feet, but you know when dreams are
only dreams. You are one who takes reality for
what it is. People look to you for solid
decisions but sometimes see you as a little
stiff with all your practical-ness. Those who
know you well know that you are anything but
stiff and love to be carefree when the
opportunity arises. Sometimes the remarkable
will happen to you and you will not overlook an
opportunity to use or be thankful for the gift
you've been given. As far as rescuing
goes...you're not one to panic but you like to
have a man come to rescue you now and then :)

What kind of Damsel in Distress are You?
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