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A three-of-fives "Foreigner" moment ...

Following on from the last snippet, where Algini was being cornered ...

One suspects that what appears to have been a bit of "competition" for him might have been because ... well ... within the story, a certain human was loaned an apartment that came with a 50-strong all-female atevi staff. And he took up residence with four bodyguards, three of 'em male. Now the human already had somebody with some interest in him and it's likely that she was giving off "mine!" signals, plus not everyone is into alien species. ;-) One suspects that one of the bodyguards, based on how somebody addressed him later in the same volume, already may have had a previous arrangement. And then the snippet below happened a day or so before the party, implying that by then Algini was likely the last "unclaimed" newcomer ***GRIN***. From "Invader":
"Nand' paidhi," Tano began, seeming uncertain of himself or his permission. But in that moment the tea and the cup arrived on two trays with two servants to carry them. The tea tray in the corridor, on the cart with all the electrical connections, seemed to maintain hot water at all moments.
And Tano had lost his momentum in the gentle courtesies of tea service. He balanced the fragile porcelain in his hand and looked down as he drank.
"Tano," Bren said, when the servants--one with lingering attention to Tano--had departed ...
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