JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress: The Null Hypothesis :-)

My entry in Skittaleum Eruptus. Now grown to a point where the image is starting to look like an image instead of as if I'd screwed up and put a few random stitches in the wrong colour on each side. At the moment it's mainly the middle of a clock face ... in the top photo the three horizontal bars towards the right are the Roman numeral "3" with the small hand of the clock pointed toward it, with the Roman "4" below that, and the base of the larger clock hand projecting below the centre (it's pointed towards 11) ... and with a couple of small gears floating in front of it on the left. On the predominantly green side the clock face is reversed. This is twenty-two rows into the first of seven eighty-four-row charts, so I've a ways to go yet in this first attempt at double knitting (which has turned out to be an astonishingly simple "trick" of yarn manipulation).
Tags: knitting

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