JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

This could be dangerous ...

Took today off from work which, combined with Monday being Thanksgiving, gives me a much-needed four-day break from the craziness at work without the added stress of taking too many actual workdays off.

Right after I booked that, Indigodragonfly announced that they were doing a yarn update in the online store today (at noon my time). Normally I don't get to see these until after I get home from work and by then half the yarn is sold and I've been saved from going crazy on the really spectacular one-offs. Paypal account is down to small change and while I do have a new fund transfer in the pipe, I know it won't likely go through until a couple of days after this (transfers from Canada take longer), so I will be safe even from the many temptations among the leftovers.

Called up hairdresser and got an appointment for today at 10:00 a.m. ... my hair sessions run about 2.5 hours plus there's travel time involving both trains and buses, so added safety from temptation.

Hairdresser called back next day to change my appointment to 4:00 p.m. ... she'd realized she'd forgotten to write a school event she'd volunteered for into the schedule book and that she thus wouldn't actually be on the premises for a chunk of the day. So I'll be home at noon.

And just now got an email from PayPal telling me that my transfer was completed ... faster than usual.

I'm doomed!

(yeah, I know I don't HAVE to go into the site at noon, but you haven't SEEN the colourways I've missed out on in the past! And even some of you nonknitters find the Indigodragonfly colours/names enticing ... just imagine how addictive it is for we who are actually USERS! And there's still some space in that trunk I bought specially to store indie yarns ...)

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