JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Today's accomplishment: Prepping for Skittaleum Eruptus

Today I fished some yarn leftovers out of their basket and dug up the instructions for the Two-colour Italian Cast-on, which I've only done once before and that was when I started this scarf a little over two years ago. As I figured would happen, hit the same brick wall I did that first time I followed the book instructions and ended up hunting down online video to get it right ... at least this time I KNEW there was a little twist of the yarns involved that doesn't show up well in the still illos. Got the technique down again, cast on stitches until I was well past doing it without thinking, and then on to phase two of this "rehearsal" ... trying out double knitting technique. Having made the scarf linked above made it easy ... that has a dominant colour on each side with the second colour showing between the stitches (two-colour brioche technique), while double knitting is close to the same thing but only the dominant colour shows on each side, with no "peeking" by the other. Couple of rows plain (one colour on each side), and then tried a patterning row (some stitches of each colour on each side and mirrored by their opposite on the other). Got it nailed! :-)

So now all I need is for the official yarn to arrive (tracking says Wednesday), get it wound, register my cast-on of The Null Hypothesis in the official online chart and then get started. Finish date for the event is December 1, 2013 ... dunno if I'll make it or not (not holding my breath on that), but I should still have a good start on the thing. The important part is the participation and fun of the event. :-)
Tags: knitting

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