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Lovely lovely Saturday

Just returned from a stroll down to the local shopping centre to return "Frida" (MARVELOUS movie!!!!!) ... sun is shining and it's +5 outside (snow is putting up heavy resistance, but is starting to soften on the top and melt around the edges). Decided, since the shop is in the same area, to take a second LP to be transferred to CD; this time the soundtrack of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook's Broadway performance of "Good Evening" (known in Great Britain as "Behind the Fridge"). Highlights include: two upper class gents enthusiastically greeting each other, realizing they don't actually know each other, and then valiantly trying to carry on a conversation as if they ARE old friends; Cook's fantastic performance as a dodgy cab driver who appears to be waiting for a passenger famous enough to be worth murdering (so he'll be on the front page of the paper); and a marvelous sketch in which a reporter for the Bethlehem Star interviews a shepherd who was present at the birth of Christ (manages to be absolutely hilarious without insulting anybody's faith, while casting some light on the darker side of the sex lives of sheep ... "Call me old-fashioned, but I don't like to see one ram doing it to another ... top grades for enthusiasm, zero for accuracy.")

Now to curl up with my book and, possibly, give some thought to doing some housework (one day, just thinking about it IS gonna WORK!!!!!)

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