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Yet another even-day series

Another set of tales that's likely more familiar in its screen incarnation than the print one. The late R.D. Wingfield's Jack Frost mysteries are a joy to read (and re-read), but you have to be alert because each novel contains multiple cases being worked simultaneously by Frost ... definitely not a chapter-at-bedtime-when-I'm-half-asleep stuff. If you've watched "A Touch of Frost" (with David Jason in the title role) and seen the multi-case plots in those episodes (especially the early ones) ... well, those are actually simplified versions. Really. But if your brain's on full power then there's no problem keeping the plots straight and oh, what a reading treat they are. Dark and gritty and grim, with the kind of black humour that cops use to keep moderately sane. From "A Touch of Frost":
The door of the interview room was flung open, and a dishevelled character in a crumpled suit slouched in, immediately followed by a smartly dressed, younger, bearded man. Obviously a plainclothes man and his prisoner, concluded the solicitor, frowning at the intrusion and wondering if the scruffy prisoner was dangerous. He was about to point out they had come to the wrong room when the criminal dragged a chair over to the table, flopped down opposite his client, and introduced himself as Detective Inspector Frost.
A detective! thought Moore. This tramp! No wonder the crime rate is soaring.

The six Jack Frost novels, in order, are:
Frost at Christmas
A touch of Frost
Night Frost
Hard Frost
Winter Frost
A killing Frost
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