JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A "Foreigner" five of fives

Since I mentioned "curiosity" last time ...

Always loved Tano's brief stint as the-reader-of-Bren's-mail. From "Invader":
"I would suggest, nand' paidhi, if the paidhi hopes to answer sacks of mail, he certainly needs much more than the security post and a handful of household servants, however willing. He needs, I would guess--a staff of well above fifty, all skilled clericals, and a sealing machine. Most of the letters from citizens have subjects in common, fears of the ship, curiosity."
"Threats, probably."
"Some threats, but not many. --You've received two proposals of marriage."
"You're joking."
"One sent a picture. She's not bad looking, nand' paidhi."
Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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