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Another "Foreigner" odd-day

One thing that's guaranteed to make Bren nervous ... any atevi woman using a variant of the words "interesting" or "curious" in regard to him (not that he objects to curiosity, but curiosity has staked its claim and is heavily armed ***GRIN***). One wonders if a female paidhi would have to put up with the same kind of thing; Banichi once commenting that Deana Hanks wasn't getting any marriage proposals is the only thing I recall reading ... kinda implies that if she were pleasanter she might have discovered that atevi men are just as adventurous as the women. From "Deliverer":
"He does persistently go with you, Sidi-ji," Drien remarked rudely.
"He certainly does," Ilisidi said with a tight smile. "And will go where we go."
"Perhaps he might stay behind when you go. He has a certain interest."
Bren's heart did a little jump. The last time Ilisidi had gotten him involved with local lords, he had ended up with a broken arm. It did another jump when Ilisidi answered:
"Perhaps. Why would you wish it?"
"Curiosity," was Drien's answer. "Mere curiosity."
Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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