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Another even day, another series

The movie "Topper" is an old favourite of mine (the scene where Roland Young staggers drunkenly and gravity-defyingly across a hotel lobby, because his character is supposed to be being supported by two invisible ghosts, is quite possibly the funniest scene ever filmed. Well, maybe comes in second to his hair tidying itself in the courtroom ...)

Anyway, I love the movie (with all its wonderful in-camera special effects which often work way better than many modern high-tech techniques) and I also love Thorne Smith's novel of the same name which is, of course, where the movie came from. Up till recently I've only read the original "Topper" (a treasured secondhand shop find) but thanks to Kobo and a 9-title package of Smith's novels, the sequel is now in my possesion and I'm looking forward to giggling my way through it (along with the rest of the titles) in the near future. From "Topper":
"We're so forgetful," said Marion Kerby remorsefully as soon as the waggon was out of earshot. "But George is such a common creature with his great throat."
"Then why are you always moping about?" demanded George Kerby angrily. "If you had any mind at all--"
"I would never have married you," his wife triumphantly interrupted. "And I certainly wouldn't have died with you. When I was alive I put a great deal of faith in that optimistic line 'until death do us part,' but it tricked me."
"May I put in a word?" began Mr. Topper, but Kerby's voice cut him short.
"I know," he recriminated bitterly. "You tried to poison me more than once."
"When the bootleggers failed I tried my hand just for the sake of experiment," his wife replied, "but your stomach defied all natural laws."
"It seems that you both are defying a few natural laws," put in Mr. Topper.
"Listen to this," said George Kerby hurriedly. "You can judge the sort of woman she is, Topper -- the terribleness of her. She claims that we're not married any more and that anything goes just because we were bumped off. How's that for depravity. Not that I care. The line said 'until death do us part.' Well, as a matter of fact death didn't us part. And so there you are. Tell her how silly she is, Topper."
"It's a delicate point for an outsider to settle," Mr. Topper cautiously replied. "Suppose we go for a ride. It's rather trying to be listening to the pair of you squabbling all over the landscape."

The novels in the Topper series, in order, are:
Topper Takes a Trip

And here's the entire movie, somewhat moralistic in places compared to the original tale, but still great fun. Stars Roland Young as Mr. Topper, Cary Grant as George Kerby, Constance Bennett as Marion Kerby, and Billie Burke as Mrs. Topper.

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