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Colour contemplation ...

Updated, Sept. 18: Paypal top-up came through and I went with "Curse" and "Circus" (I decided I'd rather have the pure merino than merino with nylon). Sunglasses may be required to knit this. ;p The yarn won't be shipped until the beginning of October since the Indigodragonfly folks have decided getting married entitles them to skive off working for a couple of weeks. :-D

There's an Indigodragonfly knitalong/crochetalong coming up ... it's called "Skittaleum Eruptus" and the theme is to make something in more than one colour, and to maybe try a new colourwork technique as well. The deal is that participants must either use Indigodragonfly yarn or a an Indigodragonfly pattern (bonus points for doing both). The work crazy meant that I couldn't really commit myself to the earlier-this-year "Accessoregatta", but I really want to join in this one (even if I haven't a prayer of finishing since I also want to knit that Bamf at the same time; lots of other people don't manage to complete by deadline either but it's all about the cameraderie and fun of trying to get there). My pattern will be The Null Hypothesis Scarf ... it's double knitting, which I've not done before (but I have Lucy Neatby's how-to DVD which is supposed to be one of the best "classes" there is). Now I'm contemplating colours ... since my current collection of Indigodragonfly yarns is single skeins and I need two of each colour to make this scarf, I've been cruising the new website to check what they have that's sufficient contrast and sufficient quantity while I wait for a Paypal top-up to come through so I can order. Right now I've got it narrowed down to two combos that I like:

Merino Nylon Sock in "Don't Wear This on Star Trek" and "Is She All Green and Fuzzy and Mossy?"
Merino Sock in "Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" and "Not My Circus, Not My Monkey"

(MCN Sock in "Angst for the Memories" and "What the Hay?!" is a third possibility but the cashmere halo might blur the image on the scarf)

Yes, I love eye-searing colour combinations (and this does require very high contrast between the two colours) and I quite like both of these. Still, if anybody else sees a better pairing in the site that I may have missed, I'd love to know (must be two skeins per colour currently available for purchase, need to be fairly solid colours rather than variegated, must be sock/fingering weight; I also prefer both colours in the same base since different bases have different properties and mixing might lead to the scarf fabric not behaving the same on one side as it does on the other)

On the progress side of things: I don't have a up-to-date photo to post at the moment, but my Flaming Penguin shawl/scarf thingy only has ten rows to go! (I'm working on the lacy edge at the wide end now)
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